Nutrition mission

Last week I was unfortunate enough to be struck down with a particularly nasty virus, which meant I didn’t eat much of anything for several days. Trust me on this: A life in which one’s most substantial meal is a cup of broth and couple of dry water crackers is really no life at all.

This week, my mission is to start eating as little processed food as possible. I tend to eat quite healthful meals, but I do rely a bit too much on quick fixes during workday lunchtimes. Things like tins of bean salad and packaged sandwiches are just too easy to rely upon in a pinch.

Today, my lunch at work attracted envious stares and comments of, “That looks quite healthy.” A pile of green leaves can have that effect. For mine, I chose young leaf spinach, slightly wilted (it’s easier to eat that way) and dressed with a bit of salt substitute. With this I had pretty pink king prawns (chilled), some cherry tomatoes, and a mound of fresh strawberries for dessert. This meal took zero preparation and was delicious.

My other mission this week, which I started yesterday, is to finish the day’s eating by no later than 8 PM. This would be much easier to do if I was living in my homeland, the US, but in Europe it’s a tad trickier. Just getting home from work by that time can be a problem, much less having finished the evening meal. But I managed it today, and enjoyed a couple of small pieces of smoked mackerel with a cold French bean salad, dressed with white wine vinegar only, all before 8 o’clock.

Two missions in one week may be a bit much, so I’ll save my efforts to abstain from Diet Coke for next week.