Salad days

I worked from home this morning, which meant I went straight from my shower/dress/primp routine to sitting at my desk for a few hours – which meant I skipped breakfast. Not clever. At 11 AM, I heated up a bit of rice, which I ate with soy sauce, Tabasco, and coriander. That plus an apple kept me full(ish) until I got into the office, whereupon I had some chilled prawns, cottage cheese with pineapple, and another apple. (My never-fail apple of choice, by the way, is the glorious Granny Smith. I cannot abide an apple that is even vaguely soft or lacking in crispness, and Granny Smith never lets me down.)

Fast forward seven hours, during whiich I had only water (plus a pint of Diet Pepsi in a pub near our company’s new offices in Covent Garden). I was (and am) still at the office, and a colleague of mine very kindly ran out to fetch me some plain pasta and fruit salad from the local Tesco Express. While he was gone, I tried to make myself look forward to this desk dinner. It didn’t work. So I was very pleased indeed when he returned with a chicken avocado salad from Pret a Manger instead (queues at Tesco were too long). The salad was quite filling and extremely tasty, and came with much more French dressing on the side than was needed – always better than ending up with a dry pile of leaves. I normally shy away from avocado and oily dressings, but this salad will be worth a repeat.