The peckish Polack*

I skipped breakfast this morning so that I could play with my gorgeous new Mac, but more than made up for it with lunch: a leftover sardine from Good Friday, a kipper and a half, a pile of cauliflower with leeks, a sliver of chevre with a couple of preserved figs, and a kiwi. All that food and I still felt the need to eat half of a (chocolate) bunny’s head when 6PM rolled around. At least it was a hollow head.

Dinner was also large: scrambled eggs with a few thin slices of Polish cured pork loin, parsley and tomato salad, a non-fat banana custard yogurt (sadly, it’s a limited edition flavour), and another kiwi. After all the raving I did about Granny Smith the other day, she went and let me down tonight; the apple wasn’t mushy, but it was just that bit too soft for me to eat.

A neighbour dropped by with a load of Polish goodies for Easter, and as I come from good Polish stock, I felt it my duty (erm) to partake. A cookie-sized piece of chocolate-covered gingerbread and a few soft caramels later, I think it really is time for the day’s eating to stop. I’ve used up all of the week’s indulgence allowance today, I think, so Easter Sunday shall have to be a rather restrained one for me.

*I’m told that some Poles are insulted by this term. I am not one of them, and considering its actual origin, I have no reason to be.