An Easter chicken rather than an Easter egg

Sunday April 16th
The promised sunshine gave way to bouts of drizzle. Not a day to picnic on the river, so I tried something else. I greased the casserole dish first, then lined it with sliced potatoes par-boiled for a few minutes. Then two good-sized chicken legs with the skin pulled off them. Mangetout came next, with chopped red peppers and tomatoes on top. I poured over nearly half a pint of chicken stock and a fair helping of oregano. It went into a hot oven (190) with the lid on the casserole. Occasionally I took the lid off to mix it up a little. I let it cook for an hour and a half, and it came out tasting very good. Afterwards a banana with goat’s milk yoghurt and Swedish glace (soy-based ‘ice-cream’).

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