A three fish day

For breakfast, I made myself scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, plus wholemeal toast and strawberries. (One of the perks of my new freelance status is being able to nip to the kitchen at 9.30 – which is much better for breakfast than, say, 7 – and rustle up something like this to eat.)

I was in central London for meetings this afternoon, and ended up having salad with steamed salmon at the food store Fresh & Wild in Soho. (Fresh & Wild is owned by the Whole Foods grocery chain, which I discovered – to my delight – in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Their image is very crunchy granola, all organic this and wheat-free that, but the founder and CEO is a staunch free marketeer and self-discribed libertarian, so I’m happy to line his pockets.) You can buy your lunch in the shop and then eat it in a little seating area off to the side, with the useless wooden forks they give you. The salad was fine – and for £4.50, it ought to be – though the dressing was made with mayonnaise. I need to start carrying packets of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar in my handbag, methinks.

This evening I steadfastly (and easily, thanks to the salmon salad) avoided the canapes and champagne at an Adam Smith Institute event. When we got home, I made a simple dinner of salmon steamed with lime juice, soy sauce, and Tabasco, plus beetroot salad. I know the health alarmists say that one should only have this kind of fish a few times each week at most, but as the people of Iceland and Japan seem to be doing okay on their fish-heavy diet, I won’t lose any sleep tonight.