Cambridge blossoms


Saturday April 29th
I returned to see that Cambridge has blossomed in the spring sunshine. The white blossom is outside the Maypole pub, and the pink stuff is in front of St John’s College. I passed both on the way to dine at the University Centre, whose River Restaurant looks down on the river, meadows, and Darwin College.

I started with scallops. They were chunky and succulent, served with 5 spices on a bed of Jerusalem artichoke risotto which combined texture and taste superbly. Very good. I accompanied it by a glass of surprisingly fragrant Argentine chardonnay. Then came rack of lamb with caper and sun-dried tomato crust and port wine jus. The helping was large, and the meat pink, as it should be. Alongside it went a Veramonte Chilean merlot. It was a very pleasant meal.

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