Goose egg omelets

Monday May 1st
The holiday Monday started out rainy, as it usually does. It’s a pointless holiday, coming thick and fast after so many others, and in a shower-prone time of the year. It will probably be replaced soon by a Trafalgar Day holiday on Oct 2nd. However, I cheered it up by making goose egg omelets for lunch. Into one I put thinly sliced vine tomato, and into the other (which I ate myself), chopped spring onions and freshly ground pepper. One goose egg makes a substantial omelet, much tastier and chunkier than one made from hen’s eggs. I heat the pan until the oil smokes, then clean the oil out with a paper towel before putting in the egg. Last week I sent someone instructions for making omelets, and was gratified to hear that they did it successfully. It’s a good skill to acquire.

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