Xander’s Thursday

 Apologies for the gripping title, stupid is as stupid does.

Having been forced to wake up early for a seminar I put the day to ‘good’ use. Forgoing breakfast I started preparing a large roast pork meal, enough for today and to eat cold in the sun over the next few.

The joint was roasted with parsnips, beetroot, and garlic, thyme and olive oil roasted potatoes. I then sat in my hammock eating the loaded plate for a leisurely hour as I sipped on a cocktail of vodka (the dominant partner) archers, cranberry and orange, a more summery drink than my customary bloody mary’s.

Following the roast pork was pineapple crumble (I had prepared it whilst the roast was cooking and kept it in the fridge, popping it in as I took the pork out). The crumble was delicious, this fact can be verrified by most of my flat mates. Following the crumble I had a shot of grey goose vodka and returned to the hammock and the other sun loungers.

During the course of the day I partly read a book called Governing by Network and a particularly well written article by Sarah Hajibagheri on how to cram for exams which was in The Independent (she told me to read it but the praise isn’t forced).

And with the sun going down slowly and a late start tomorrow who knows what may yet happen.

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