Kitchen Sink Ruins Utopia – read all about it

I did what in America, i’m told, is called the “walk of shame”. Walking home at 5:30 (light)this morning in the same clothes I went out in. I had a 9am Seminar which tequila and I had convinced myself wouldn’t be a problem. I woke at 5 to 9 and decided this would most definately be a problem and threw my alarm clock against the wall.

Woke at a civilised time (mid-afternoon). Cleaned Kitchen… all looked great. Sink broke, water everywhere. There is always something (or someone) …

Ate curry, it was excellent. Rogan Josh with chicken, peppers and potato chunks (I cut the potatoes up, boil them and then add them to the curry and heat it all through. I developed this as a way of bulking out a curry and making it go further but it tastes great to!)

Following the curry I ate some of my now trademark/legendary apple crumble. Soon I’ll be toddling off to the pub to watch the Arsenal Barca match. One meal a day? Suits me fine…

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