News on the march! – Xander heads for the capital!

It’s a shame, and almost morally wrong, to knock that beautiful picture of barrels of beer off the top of the blog. However, I reasoned it would happen soon enough so here we are.

Today I woke up, summer seems to have been a brief 3-4 days over a week ago and the grey drizzle was spattering on the window pane. Had a cup of hot chocolate and headed for a logic lecture. After that I had a sausage and bacon sandwich. It was very good, but the bread was the cheap stuff that is easily squashed into a thin mush that cleaves to the room of your mouth.

At noon I headed for the pub to meet some other people, most of whom study International Relations, we sat around worrying that we haven’t started revising yet and perhaps we should be. I headed for London afterwards and read on the train a publication of the Institut Liberales de Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung called The Capitalist Peace. It’s rather good and follows my course on War and Resistance rather well, so it should be rather easy to drop into essays.

Now I sit anticipating an early mixed grill: Lamb chops, tomatos and that sort of thing. Then on to Oxford for a drink with friends!

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