Venison Casserole


I always look forward to a weekend with family, as it generally means a couple of days of not doing all that much. Last weekend was no different, but I did learn how to make a venison casserole.  

The haunch of venison was cut into small to medium sized pieces. These were then rolled in flour (to help thicken the sauce), and lightly pan fried before being added to the casserole dish. Parboiled carrots and chopped red onions went in, along with a half stock cube in hot water. A third of a bottle of red wine (Jacobs Creek in this case) was added to cover the contents. It was then cooked slowly and with the lid on, both important so as the meat comes out tender and not dry. Thirty minutes at 180 degrees followed by two and a half hours at 140 degrees worked here. A little chopped parsley added the finishing touches.  

The result was some of the most tender meat I have tasted, enhanced by having been cooked in its own sauce. A red Burgundy (Joseph Faiveley, 13%) was a good accompaniment.  

The cheeses which followed were both from the Pyrenees. The first was a rich and nutty Etorki, the second a Saint Albray. Oh yes, and another bottle of wine.  

I must go home more often!

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