Duck breast in a cherry sauce

In the mood for a lighter meal which was relatively quick to prepare, I opted for duck breast in a cherry sauce. Duck is one of my favourite meats, however it can be rather dry if eaten by itself. In the past I have used an orange sauce, but found it difficult to match a wine to the dish. This time I used a cherry sauce, and found it an excellent alternative.

My supermarket had sold out of the pre-cut strips of duck I normally use, so I bought a skinless breast. As it was quite a thick cut, I was careful to cook it relatively slowly so that it would be pink in the middle, but not underdone.

As for the sauce, it was simply a small quantity of good quality black cherry jam (high fruit content, and importantly no added sugar) and a couple of tablespoons of red wine, in this case a Chilean merlot. I’m sure there are more advanced and expensive ways to make a cherry sauce, but after a few minutes over a low heat my version reduced to a syrup. It proved a very good complement to the duck, and was not too sweet as I had initially feared. I served the dish with mange tout, and it was most enjoyable.

In addition I was able to enjoy a glass or two of the merlot as well….