Food from the Amazon

Dinner at a friend’s recently let to an exciting discovery. For the starter, my host presented an individual quiche tart, filled with Beenleigh Blue sheep’s cheese and French saucisson. The crumbly shortcrust pastry and light cheesy filling resulted in a rather pleasurable dining experience.

Whilst investigating the origins of this delightful cheese, I stumbled across something rather amazing: in the American version of on-line ‘bookshop’ Amazon one can now purchase all manner of ‘gourmet foods’ and regular groceries!

All of the regular (ie, non-perishable) groceries are eligible for free delivery, as any book or DVD would be. What amazes me is the range of foodstuffs available in the gourmet section: from a variety of cheeses, through veal, right up to lobster and caviar! It turns out, that on top of this, Amazon have just launched Fresh, a service delivering perishable and non-perishable food to Seattle residents!

All of this from what started off as just a bookshop…