Worth it’s weight in platinum and gin

I always used to like a pub called The Bun Shop in Cambridge (which has been mentioned here before) but I fear it’s gone downhill recently. The restaurant part has been expanded, and the music has become louder and less enjoyable.

Despite that, a rather interesting drink appears on the shelves: the deep orange of Arthur Rackham’s saffron gin. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and at around £5000/kg is more expensive even than platinum! On the rocks, it was an interesting drink: a hint of spiciness from the saffron, and an intriguing absence of the oiliness normally associated with neat gin.

It was certainly a pleasant enough drink, but at nearly £6 for a double, I’m not sure I’ll be having more any time soon. (That said, Cadenheads sell 110 proof – 55% abv – saffron gin: Old Raj Gin.)