Salad with everything

I have a bit of a thing for salads. A well-prepared side-salad can, in my opinion, make a poor dish acceptable or totally ruin an otherwise great dish.

It was, therefore, a great pleasure to have a dinner of sliced roast pork and salad with a friend recently. The salad was immense: chopped iceberg lettuce, spring onions, green and black olives, feta cheese, prunes, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, and anchovies. Each mouthful was different in taste and texture, and the occasional bite of anchovy added an exciting tang.

The Isle of Arran mustards (cider and apple, and honey) that went with the pork went absolutely fantastically with the olives too, adding an entire new dimension of taste. This was very much a case where the superb salad made the standard deli-counter pork into a fabulous meal.