Something fishy at the Ugly Duckling

There still is an Ugly Duckling in Cambridge, and it’s still a good restaurant. Dining with a friend recently, we opted for a surprisingly maritime selection. Starting with squid and chilli sauce for my companion – deep friend battered chunks, with a meaty texture unlike the chewy little rings you get elsewhere – and crab with ginger and spring onions for myself.  The crab arrived almost in its entirety, and it was a challenge to get into – despite the crab snips and picks, the sauce (delicious, by the way) made it rather slippery!

As if this feast wasn’t enough, our main courses then arrived: prawns for my companion, and aubergine and lamb (I felt a meat craving) for myself. Along with this, an enormous mound of the special friend rice: well-cooked rice, pork, chicken, eggs, prawns, peas, carrots – superb. The lamb and aubergine was a little oily (as per normal) but tasty, the prawns delicious. There was so much food that my colleague insisted that I ask for the rest as take-away, so I did. The remainder of the rice and some of the aubergine made next day’s lunch. Excellent.

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