The Rice Boat

The Rice Boat is a Keralan (Indian) restaurant at the Newnham end of Cambridge, and I took a friend there for dinner on a recent Monday night.

I opted for the Lamb Biriyani, which came with a wonderful yellow lime pickle, poppadaum, and yoghurt salad. The meat and rice were delicious moist, and topped with cashew nuts, and came with the traditional boiled egg. My dining companion opted for the red fish curry, which I am assured was delicious and nicely spicey. Between us, we shared a bowl of fluffy and plump keralan red rice and inchy curry: a tangy and very spice ginger dipping sauce.

A warning, however: whilst the food was excellent, the service was the worst I’ve experienced in a long time. Despite it being early on a quiet night, the better part of our night was spent waiting: for our order to be taken, for the bill to come even after I’d asked, for payment to be taken… not something I want to experience again.

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