A not-so-golden curry

For a friend’s birthday, we headed to The Golden Curry on Cambridge’s Mill Road. I was disappointed, I have to say. Service was very slow, although it was a Saturday night, and the curries were disappointing.

I had the ‘meat’ rogon – the was lamb and beef, and plenty of it. However, it lacked any distinctive flavour: I wasn’t expecting killer spices from a rogon, but something at least! It was universal problem that night it seemed: everyone’s curry was found to be bland and rather tasteless. I shan’t be going there again: I’d rather cook my own, or head to a better curry house!

Even more disappointingly, it was one of the guests first curry house experience. He’s a Reno man, and they don’t have them there, apparently. I don’t think he had the best example of that great staple of British cuisine!

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