Hotel Chocolat

hotel chocolat US launch

The British chocolate company Hotel Chocolat (their flagship store is in High Street Kensington) has launched in the US. To celebrate this, they sent me $300 worth of their finest, most beautiful hand-piped chocolates.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have been able to keep such things in the house, but I guess it helped that I stashed it all in the spare bedroom’s closet…in a big cardboard box…behind another big cardboard box. I also gave away several boxes to my chocolate-loving friends.

But I saved one box for last night, when I hosted the supper club. All I can say is, if you like your chocolate more on the sweet side than the dark side, you’ll love Hotel Chocolat’s goods. Filled with the freshest fruits, nuts, and other goodness, the shelf life of these is quite brief. And they are so rich that I, a chocolate lover non-pareil, could only manage a few pieces. (I hadn’t had chocolate or any sugar whatsoever for the past two weeks, so was looking forward to a decent binge. Alas, alas…)

They are also, as you can see, gorgeous. Everyone oohed and aahed over these, so the visual punch they pack is substantial.

Because I know better than to keep an open box of chocolate around, I sent the leftovers home with 5chw4r7z. His colleagues are going to have an unusually upscale start to the weekend with these beauties.

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