All in the view


I was in another Hilton hotel bar this week, this time in the old town area of Budapest. There was a surprisingly small dinner menu to choose from, namely a Hilton burger with fries, a club sandwich and chicken or prawn caesar salad. As they all cost the same and I was quite hungry, I went for the burger with fries.

In fact it was a lot better than I expected. The burger tasted as if it had just come off the barbecue, and came with crispy bacon on top. The bap was pleasantly light, and the fries thin cut and served in a sensible portion.

The main point about the meal though was not the food, but the view. Looking out over the Danube to the Parliament building lit up at night was quite something, especially when sipping a cool Pilsener Urquell beer and knowing everything is on expenses….  

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