Tomato and mozzarella bake


I was recently given a cookbook called “1000 recipes” by Martha Day, and thought the Easter weekend would be ideal to try a few out. I started with a simple tomato and mozzarella bake, adapting the recipe to what I had in the kitchen.

I chopped six tomatoes into thickish slices, eight mushrooms and half a red onion, and added them to a baking dish. I then made a half cup of dressing from olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard, and poured on. Finally I sliced a roll of mozzarella into thickish slices and laid on top, and sprinked with mixed herbs. Into the oven at 200 degrees it went for 15 minutes, and then a couple of minutes under the grill to crisp the top.

I was pretty impressed by the result, and really liked the melted mozzarella. The onion was nice and crisp, and the tomato gave ample moisture. It was quite light, and would have been fine for a starter as well.

To drink I had a couple of glasses of oak aged Malbec from Argentina. It was only 13% but had quite some body to it and went well with the dish. At five Euros a bottle, I can’t complain.  

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