My first crumble


The plum and walnut crumble looked good in my recipe book, so I decided to give it a try never having made a crumble before. I took 75g of ready-shelled walnuts and crisped them in the oven at 180 degrees for about ten minutes. I then destoned and halved eight plums and put them at the bottom of my baking dish, which I had lined with butter. On top of the plums I sprinkled the nuts and about 30g of brown sugar.

I then mixed 75g of butter and 75g of flour by hand until they resembled crumbs, and added another 30g of brown sugar. This then went on top of the plums, and I gently pressed it down to help it set. I then cooked it for about forty minutes at 180 degrees.

It was a lot better than I had expected for my first attempt. The top was nicely crisp but not dry, the plums soft and moist, and the walnuts gave a satisfying crunch. I served it with crème fraîche which countered the sweetness nicely. One quarter was enough for dessert, which means there is a lot left to enjoy this week.

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