Steak at Maredo

On my second night in Vienna I strolled down the road from my hotel near the Opera House to Maredo. It’s a restaurant chain I have seen in Germany, but never been in. I’d perhaps describe it as an informal steak house, and this one was very large and almost full. I found a table towards one corner, and perused the menu over a large Becks beer.

I settled for the fillet steak with garlic butter, and a serving from the salad buffet rather than chips. The selection of salad was very good indeed, including green olives, grated carrot and sweetcorn. As per normal I tried to fit a bit of everything onto the plate, and then dressing. The steak arrived after a few minutes, and was slightly crisp on the outside and very tender and pleasantly red on the inside. Being fillet, there was no fat or gristle in sight. 

Whilst satisfied after this, I had a bit of space for a light dessert and opted for two scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. It would have been light, except these were the biggest scoops of ice cream I have ever seen, and the chocolate sauce served most generously.

Bearing in mind I was in central Vienna, the price tag of about 20 Euros seemed very reasonable. Restaurant chains don’t often get a good press, but Maredo is a place I’ll return to.

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