A Chop House reunion


A friend had returned from working the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania to collect his PhD and ascend to membership of the University Senate. It seemed fitting to remind him of the English food he was missing, so we headed to the Chop House.


We started off with a range of different starters, most of which we’ve blogged about before. A new addition was the venison salad, with blue cheese dressing. On a plate of mixed leaves, with dressing dotted around, came three succulent strips of venison, reminiscent in look and mouthfeel of biltong although somewhat less chewy. Rather good, I thought, and it went well with “The Beak” red wine we’d selected.


Two of us opted for the suet pudding as main course: steak and stilton that evening. A whole sea bream went to our pescetarian friend, in a cream sauce with shrimp. Our American friend ordered the cumberland-style “Chop House Coil” from the sausage board, with mustard sauce and hazelnut mash. The final maincourse was bacon, egg and chips. Of course, at the Chop House, the chips are hand-made, the egg a duck’s, and the bacon thick-cut from Grasemere farm.


It was all delicious, although the suet was a little tougher than I’d expected. We also shared roast beetroot between us, apparently a staple of Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine – delicious, I thought, and an ever-so-exciting colour.

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