Apfelstrudel in Munich


Last week I was in Munich with work, staying at the Arabella Sheraton hotel just outside the centre. The bar is quite small, probably meant for drinks prior to eating in the restaurant. Sipping a cool Paulaner pils, I checked out the fairly limited food menu anyway and saw dim sum, which was just what I felt like.

It was good enough with spring rolls, prawn tempura and various dipping sauces, but nothing special. The main problem was it was too small, so I had to order dessert. There were only a couple of choices, and I went for apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce. It was excellent.

It was a large slice, with lots of apple and raisins. Cinnamon was very apparent too. The pastry was thin and slightly crisp. It would have been a bit dry by itself, so I appreciated the large jug of warm vanilla sauce. I didn’t have too much so as not to detract from the flavour of the apple, but it was a good complement. 

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