Pub lunch at the Clarendon Arms


It’s not a pub I’d been to before, but the Spaceflight team were meeting for lunch there to talk about miniature computers and launch rails. It was quite a lunch, too. I chose the roast lamb and, from experience at other pubs, asked for it without gravy. A huge plateful duly arrived. There were four large slices of roast lamb, tender and sweet. There were three roast potatoes and four boiled potatoes (in skins), plus large florets of cauliflower and broccoli, garden peas, carrots (too soft) and Yorkshire pudding.

One of the group didn’t order because there were “no dishes small enough.” True but I solved the problem by asking for a clean plate and loading about half of my food onto it. It still left me struggling to finish, but I eventually got through it. Meanwhile the spare plateful fed TWO other people. Not bad: three people fed for the price of one plateful. I drank a glass of shiraz with mine. Good food; good drink; good pub.

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