Reef seafood buffet, Dubai


The next stop on my Middle East trip was Dubai, staying at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel. Whilst very nice, it was rather too formal and expensive for a relaxing dinner, so I ventured across the road to the Crowne Plaza hotel. On the first floor is a seafood buffet I had been recommended, and it looked to be ideal.

I started with a plate of smoked salmon, king prawns and tuna salad. Then I moved on to octopus in a red wine sauce, hammour fish with a sweet chilli sauce and some rice. The mussels and oysters looked good, but I didn’t risk them. Then came cheese, mainly camembert and Saint Albray, with cheese biscuits.

The food came to about 30 Euros, but for an extra 10 Euros or so, you can have unlimited wine! I didn’t overdo it, but had two glasses of a Chilean sauvignon blanc with the seafood, and one glass of a smooth merlot with the cheese. I didn’t see the bottles, but they were both good. I wish I could find buffets like this in the UK! 

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