A civilised wine and beer festival


There is a street in Frankfurt just near the Old Opera House called the Fressgasse, which translates roughly as ‘gobble street’ as it is lined with cafes and restaurants. Periodically there are food and drink fairs held there, and a group of friends and I went to one last week.

We found a large table at one of the tents and perused the drinks menu. Several of us started with a chilled riesling or two and then moved on to a dry chardonnay, whilst others drank pilseners or wheat beers. I looked across at the other tables, most of which were full, to see people of all ages doing the same thing. Quite a few people were also tucking into sausages and other regional delicacies.

We spent several hours there and I remarked how civilised everything was. Certainly lots of alcohol had been consumed by the end of the evening, but everyone was remarkably well behaved and it was a model of how these food and drink festivals should be.      

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