Not without rice


I was in Zürich this week with work. The Euro 2008 football competition being hosted in Switzerland and Austria meant the city centre hotels were full, so I stayed in the Renaissance Zürich hotel out near the airport. As there was nowhere to eat within walking distance, I stayed in the hotel for dinner. I opted for “Asian Place” which is a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

All of the dishes on the menu appealed, but I went for roasted duck with beansprouts, carrots and mushrooms. I ordered that by itself, but was advised by the waitress to have rice as well to “balance the meal”. The duck was excellent. It was very tender with a nicely crisp skin, and a tamarind-like sauce. There was lots of it too, and I gave it priority over the egg fried rice of which I ate maybe half.

To drink I settled for a couple of Tsingtao beers, and tried to imagine I was in East Asia rather than an airport hotel in Switzerland!  

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