Home cooking again


I spent last week with family in the Cotswolds, an area a couple of hours drive west of London, and enjoyed being cooked for every evening! The first dinner started with trout pâté from the nearby Donnington trout farm. Despite having been frozen for several months, it had lost none of its distinctive flavour or texture. It went well with a sparkling wine based on the Vouvray grape, a wine I had not tried before.


For the main course we had duck breast in a blackcurrant sauce, accompanied by peas in melting butter. With this we enjoyed a pinot noir from New Zealand’s excellent Oyster Bay. We then moved on to cheese, most notably a mature camembert that oozed over the plate. Finally fresh strawberries, served after the cheese, before a freshly ground coffee to round off the meal.

A very good start to the week….     

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