Marinated venison


One of the nice things about having time on your hands is you can put something in the oven early afternoon, go out for a few hours, and find it ready when you get home for dinner. This was the case one day last week with family, and we came home to very tender venison.

I’ve had venison steaks before, but they were nothing compared to this. The meat had cooked on a low heat in half a bottle of red wine, mushrooms, red onion, carrot and a few cloves. Everything was perfectly tender, and it was actually a pleasantly light dish although there was quite a lot of meat.

With it we drank a tempranillio wine, which is the grape used to make Rioja. It cost a lot less than Rioja as we weren’t paying for the name, but it tasted as good….so we had another bottle afterwards with the rest of the mature camembert.

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