Pizza at Vapiano


I was visiting clients in Dresden, and had a couple of hours to look round the city and eat lunch. After visiting the opera house (Semperoper), the Zwinger and the superbly refurbished Frauenkirche (pictured), I started looking for a place to eat. I came across Vapiano on the St Petersburger Str. near the main station, and being a chain I knew but had never tried, decided to check it out.

On walking in I was given a card which I presented at one of the counters when ordering. There was salad, antipasta and pasta to choose from, but I went for pizza. The most expensive was barbecue chicken, but at a modest 8.50 Euros, I thought it worth trying. After a few minutes my beeper started beeping, indicating the pizza was ready.

It had a very thin base, just as I like it, and was generously topped with tender chicken, red onion, smoked cheese and a large quantity of barbecue sauce. Work commitments meant I had to settle for a coca cola to drink, but it was a very good meal nevertheless. In fact it’s the best pizza that I can remember eating, so I must return….

Furthermore I didn’t have to wait for the bill. Instead when I was ready I simply presented the card at the till, paid the balance, took a large handful of jelly babies, and was on my way.