Frankfurter Apfelwein


As an alternative to chilled wine or beer on a summer evening, I quite enjoy Apfelwein which is the German form of cider. It’s the state beverage of Hesse, and Frankfurt has many traditional Apfelwein bars in the Sachsenhausen district (just south of the river) which are worth a visit.

The brand I buy to enjoy on my balcony is Possmann, which comes in at a reasonable 5.5%. It’s a lot less gassey than ciders I have had in the UK such as Magners, and somewhat on the sour side. As a result, it’s perfect for summer and very refreshing. It’s fine by itself of course, but I find it goes well with schnitzel or sausage as well.

At a very modest 2 Euros for a 1 litre bottle, it’s also very light on the pocket!