Extravaganza in Leipzig

The evening started well, sipping beer in the old town square of Leipzig and watching a recording of one of Jean-Michel Jarre’s concerts in China. After a stroll around the sights I came across a restaurant called “Goldene Kugel” on the Richard-Wagner Strasse near the main station. It advertised as-much-as-you-can-eat Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine for a very reasonable 17 Euros. I went in.

It started with a plate of sushi….


then came steamed dumplings with cauliflower and greens, with various dipping sauces….

GK dumplings.JPG

then shrimp, chicken, pork and grilled dumplings….


by which time I was full. I washed it all down with a few glasses of dry Riesling, which I find one of the best wines to drink with Asian cuisine. The food was excellent and the service very efficient, so I left a generous tip.