Sunday brunch near the clock


Brunch at the Chop House was very good. We sipped buck’s fizz as we waited for our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast – excellent. But the view was as interesting as the food. It was the new clock outside Corpus Christi library on the corner of King’s Parade and Benet Street. And what a clock! It has a huge grasshopper on top, an ugly brute with great teeth, and it pulls the cogs round.

The grasshopper or “chronophage”, meaning “time eater”, advances around the 4ft-wide face, each step marking a second. Its movement triggers blue flashing lights which travel across the face eventually stopping at the correct hour and minute. But the clock is only accurate once every five minutes – the rest of the time the lights are simply for decoration.

It was officially unveiled last Friday by Stephen Hawking, and has attracted oohs and aahs ever since. And it’s an enthralling sight to see on the other side of the street from Sunday brunch.

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