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Picture from the FT Weekend 20/21 September 2008.
On Tuesday evenings, after a trip out for an adventure of sorts, – after school pickup – I normally buy my sons fish & chips from our local chip shop. The shop we go to has recently been transformed by a re-fit and has a new name ‘Deep Blue’. For an amazing £2.45 one gets 4 real cod bites in batter with chips, a choice of drink & a little toy. This feeds 2 hungry & tired boys quickly!

The FT Weekend Magazine, September 20/21 September 2008, has a wonderful weekly piece on the last page entitled ‘Defining Moment’ written by Joe Moran. This particular issue’s article was entitled “The fish finger changes the way we eat, September 1955”

The author in the short article goes on to explain how the arrival of Birds Eye fish fingers created a watershed moment in the history of british cuisine & how 2 weeks “before the launch of ITV, which would both advertise this strange new foodstuff and give people something to watch while they were eating it.”

The article goes on to explain that companies were marketing products such as the ‘Tea–V-Tray’ – which replaced eating on laps with a special tray hooked to the arm of a sofa.

The article concludes by stating the fact that only 2 or 3 percent of British homes had a fridge in the mid 50’s & how the fish finger was now “a mainstay of children’s menus today.”

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