What’s on the Menu this week, Michael?


On Sunday we had a simple roast chicken, brought from Waitrose, a local superstore. I did my usual warm fennel salad with garlic, plus roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings & gravy. The great thing about doing a large roast is that one can always come back later that evening for a lighter supper.

On Monday we enjoyed some slow cooked pork belly (6 hours at 100 degrees Celsius, the last half-hour being at 200 degrees). Very tasty served with baby new potatoes and a salad of tomato and baby spinach.

Tuesday – tonight’s dinner will be a simple herb risotto with a warm salad of roasted celeriac, steamed Savoy cabbage & the cold chicken from Sunday’s roast.

Wednesday’s dinner has to be simple as we play tennis in the afternoon. We usually have a meat ragu with Fettuccia  Riccia pasta & Parmesan cheese – a take on ‘spag Bol.’ I have a note in my diary to collect a rib of beef that I ordered weeks ago now – the beef being that of the Suffolk Red Poles that have been reared on Midsummer Common in Cambridge. I am quite excited to taste this beef, having heard so much about them of late, so if time allows on Thursday, I will try and cook this rib for some friends to finish off another busy week.

We usually eat out in restaurants either on a Monday evening or on Fridays at some point.