Sunday lunch – a small Rib of Beef from Cambridge Suffolk Red Poles

beef 001.jpg

Suffolk red poles feature among the cattle grazed on local meadows in and around Cambridge.

Having collected the rib of beef late last week, I decided to delay cooking it until Sunday – it’s weight was a mere 4kg, and it had 2 bones on it, cut short. When my wife saw it she commented on how it looked quite unlike any beef meat she had ever seen in a Superstore,

On the morning I took it out of the fridge to come to room temperature before roasting it for 2 hours, and letting it stand for another half an hour.

We enjoyed this beef, cooked fairly rare with a simple bottle of  Spanish Tinto ‘Pesquera’ 2004.

Overall it was fantastic in taste, texture, flavour and smell, and well worth the effort of cooking it with care.