Frankfurt marathon

It was my second marathon of the year, this time in Frankfurt where I am currently based with work. I’m getting quite used to preparing for these now, and like previous times I bulked up my diet with carbohydrates in the couple of weeks leading up to the run.

Breakfast was normally cereal and toast, or scrambled egg. For lunch I often had schnitzel with salad or pasta with a tomato and basil sauce. Dinner was pork or chicken with rice, homemade lasagne or pizza, all good sources of energy. Coffee and alcohol were off limits, but I made up for this afterwards.

On race day itself I carried two bananas which I ate at the 10 and 20 mile marks. At the various refreshment stands I took on water and sports drinks, as well as dried peaches which I don’t normally like but on this occasion ate gladly.   

All the preparation seemed to work as I finished in a personal best time of 3h45, which I believe is about the same time as Gordon Ramsay covers the 26.2 miles. I’d be interested to know how the great man prepares for his marathons, as indeed the Kenyan Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot who won Frankfurt in a mere 2h07!