Charlie Chan’s

As usual, the portions were so titanic that we couldn’t possibly finish. But each dish was delicious and well worth the guilt of not being able to tuck the entire thing away. We started with six boiled dumplings, filled with unspecified meat, but perfectly delicious nonetheless and coming with a sauce that was so spicy that one drop on the end of a teaspoon would do just fine per dumpling. The other starter was deep-fried aubergine, which came with a sweet chilli sauce and was remarkably sweet and light.

The rest of the food was in two main courses, the first of which was mine: scallops with asparagus. The asparagus was, remarkably, peeled and not cooked to oblivion like most places and people do them. It went well with the lightly cooked scallops, and pieces of what seemed like slices, steamed carrot. The other main course was sizzling chicken with green pepper and black bean sauce. All very good, and a charming couple at the next table, from whom, with very limited snippets of conversation, we figured out were on a first date!

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