M&S St. Valentine’s Evening

Having elected to spend St. Valentine’s evening at home I pondered what I could cook to make for a romantic dinner that would not require me spending half a day in the kitchen. Marks and Spencers came to the rescue. They had a fantastic offer for the day of ‘Dine for Two for £20’. So at 9 am yesterday I took myself off to Putney in search of this bargain. I was not the only one, M&S was full of people who had thought likewise, in fact my sister tried to take advantage of it at 3.30pm only to find the shelves at her local M&S completely empty of the ‘deal’ dishes.

Anyway, for our £20 Tim and I enjoyed, Coquille St. Jacques and Peppered Sirloin Steak with Caesar Style Vegetables – I bought some extra herby potatos as only one side dish was included in the deal, followed by Belgian Chocolate Soufflé for dessert. This was accompanied by (also included in the deal) a bottle of pink fizz and a single red rose. It all turned out to be a relatively effortless and delicious St. Valentine’s dinner.




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