Off the chops

chophouse1I dined at The Cambridge Chop House, which I’ve not been to for some time. The three of us had a downstairs table (pictured) on a surprisingly busy Tuesday night (I think due to the popular show at the local theatre), but the packed restaurant was still as slick and customer-attentive as usual. We weren’t drinking that evening, so between us we had soft drinks and coffee.

Despite the name, I didn’t have any chops. I began with the duck terrine, which was a beautifully textured combination of duck meat and vegetables, on top of which was a small serving of chutney. There was also some spinach with a mustard dressing, which was fresh and crunchy with a little bite. For the main course, I had the smoked haddock, which was excellent. My only gripe was that the (again mustard) sauce was too salty, although I finessed this by not using much of it. Alongside this were stewed leeks and a potato cake, in which were onions.

One of my dining companions enjoyed their Cambridge burnt cream (crème brûlée) whilst I sipped on my lime and soda and the last of us had a cappucino. I was tempted by the cheese plate, but felt sufficiently full, as the plates were just the right size when having both a starter and main course. We finished the evening by admiring the gold clock of Corpus Christi College, before heading into the wet night under our umbrellas.

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