Mai Thai

I dined at a delightful and exceedingly authentic Thai restaurant that overlooks Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. The evening was sunny, but there was a windy chill, so the park was empty aside for the odd cyclist finding their way home. I started with a mushroom soup which also contained coconut milk, lemongrass and mint. It was an interesting combination of flavours, and quite spicy from the chilli.

For the main course, we both opted for a green mango salad, which arrived in small shreds which were surprisingly similar in flavour and texture to a tangy apple, like a Granny Smith. In and amongst these shreddings were red onions and a dressing that was difficult to identify. Alongside were cucumber slices, decoratively edged, a little shredded cabbage and what I can best describe as a flower cut from a carrot. I drank apple juice, which went well with this course, whilst my dining companion drank a Pimm’s which seemed quite appropriate in the warm restaurant with the sun shining in through the tall glass windows.

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