The Waterside Inn a different perspective

I very much enjoyed our food bloggers meal at The Waterside Inn last week, but I don’t think that I can better the excellent write-ups already given by my fellow diners. Although, I have to say that the cheese trolley was one of the finest that I have ever had the good fortune to appreciate.

I want to touch on a different perspective of the meal. I don’t think that the review would be complete without mentioning the wonderful surroundings and faultless service.

Allowing for artistic license and ignoring the rain, the walk down Ferry Lane from out pre-dinner drinks was delightful as was our reception at the restaurant. The design of the restaurant was elegant and the views of the lake, again ignoring the rain, were perfect.

The service was very friendly and efficient without being intrusive and it all made for a wonderful evening for a small group of hungry gastronomes.

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