Books for Young Cooks Only


I would love to be able to urge readers of this blog to try out the book shop ‘Books for Cooks’ in Notting Hill. However, after my experience there this morning I find myself advising friends not to set foot in the place.

While I was browsing, with the intention of spending a considerable amount of money, I overhead the sales staff making some very rude and disparaging remarks about old people getting in the way of the cup cake stall that they had set up outside.

These ‘old people’ were my parents-in-law who were helping my daughter to chose a cake. I would have thought that in these uncertain economic times the owners of this shop would want to attract all of the custom that they could, or maybe they should just be honest about their intentions and rename their business ‘Books for Young Cooks Only.

I have written to the owners of the shop with my complaint. I will keep you informed as to whether they can be bothered to reply.