The Mint Julep


In these summer days there is little better than a Julep to cool off with in the afternoon. The classic is a Mint Julep, a drink with serious heritage would be the obvious choice and one I decided to go for on this occasion. Although it is recommended to drunk out of a silver or pewter julep cup, don’t let the lack of it hold you back.

It is a simple combination of mint, sugar syrup and bourbon. The result of this cocktail rests largely on avoiding some common mistakes in its preparation. Firstly, a lot of cocktails call for a certain amount of muddling and from many sources you will be instructed to do so with this drink. However, don’t. A decent handful of mint leaves should simply be gently rubbed or clapped between the hands to release its potential. Anything more and the bitterness contained in the mint will be released. Now add 15ml of sugar solution and 75ml of bourbon.

Following this add cracked ice. This can be made by taking a heavy object wrapped in a tea-towel to ice cubes. Stir, stir and stir some more. Like the Old fashioned, if you do not take the time to stir the result will be compromised. Once it has reduced, add some more ice stir again and garninsh with a mint sprig and a straw.