New blend

This was new and quite novel rosé, it apparently (from the front of the bottle) being made entirely of Chenin Blanc. Knowing this to be impossible without false colouring (which might well be illegal depending on where it’s from), I made a cursory investigation on the back of the bottle. The label explained that just the smallest amount of Pinotage was used, too, which is jolly good, as South Africa, where this Cullinan View is from, makes both those grapes superbly. As you can see from the photograph, the wine was a reasonable pink colour, about middle-of-the-range. It was also 12.5%, which didn’t really quite cut through the low acid and slight sweetness on the body well enough for me, but the aroma was red berries and the finish dry, as I like it. Apparently, the wine maker had such difficulty convincing the Wines Standard Board that this blend was legal that it took him nearly eight months! Fortunately, it resulted in a relatively interesting wine, mostly like Chenin Blanc but with more roundedness from the Pinotage, in this case, from 2007/8.

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