Favourite grill

There are many things you can grill, ranging from a cheese-coated mushroom to the latter stage of a cheese-topped shepherd’s pie. My favourite is a chicken leg – drumstick and thigh together. From the fridge, this takes me, on my grill, about eleven minutes on each side, and I prefer to do the underside before the top, so that I end up with an appealing browned top at the end. This length of time also ensures it’s cooked throughout without drying it out, and I keep the oven door closed for two reasons: one, to maintain the heat on the underside of the chicken leg; and two, to keep in the oven some of the moisture that’s released. It works very well with almost any combination of herbs, but precisely where to put them is always tricky. I usually use leafy herbs that can be placed on top after cooking. And salt is almost an absolute for this dish, as without it, the blandness would be overwhelming.

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