With Christmas not too far away I decided that it was time to make some space in the freezer and first to be used up was some beef mince and sheets of lasagna. The meat sauce was made by frying off some white onions, browning the mince then adding chopped tomatoes, red wine, seasoning and some herbs. This was all then covered and simmered for just over and hour. As I was in a hurry I bought a Sainsburys fresh cheese sauce (the long life bottled stuff always seems to have a strange taste), The lasagne sheets were cooked in boiling water for about 5 minutes and then drained and assembly of the lasagne began. Meat first which was covered with the pasta sheets, then a couple of layers of meat and cheese sauces separated by the pasta finishing with a top layer of cheese sauce sprinkled with parmesan cheese. This was then cooked for about 40 minutes in a hot oven. It needed to be served with no more than a simple green salad.