chapeldownflintdryI was lucky enough to (embarrassingly as I stepped over the threshold) literally stumble over a wine tasting when I dropped into a friend’s place the other day. There was really quite a surprising range for an amateur affair, but they did the good thing: had Bath Oliver biscuits for clearing the palate between wines. I was told all the wines cost less than £10.50, which was surprising, as one of them tasted very much more expensive: the Château Roudier (Haut Médoc) from 2006. It was very much a classically-tasting wine – light and smooth, with little in the way of a tannic finish, which is just how I like it. There was also an English wine there – a nice change: Chapel Down Flint Dry (pictured), made in Kent, but non-vintage. It was good, but not spectacular. Lastly, there was a Muscat de Beaumes de Venise (Vaucluse, Rhône), non-vintage, which I enjoyed at the end of the evening, when I decided the sweetness wouldn’t interfere with the other wines. A pretty good unexpected evening!

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